Friday, December 28, 2007

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Bathed by the Adriatic Sea, Albania has a lot to offer its visitors including mountainous landscape, extensive forests, sandy beaches and beautiful lakes.


Landlocked in the heart of Europe,Austria is a country of startling contrasts, from the Alps in the west to the DanubeBasin in the east. It is not only famous for its skiing regions, but also for its historical buildings, world-class museums and galleries,


Picturesque villages, ancient castles and monasteries, national parks, wide plains, deep forests, scenic landscapes, and thousands of lakes – This is Belarus.


Tucked between the attractive destinations of London, Paris and Amsterdam; Belgium is a little but a lovely country known for its stunning architecture, incredible cuisine and friendly people.


The country rich in ancient culture, scenic splendor, friendly people and old-fashioned warmth and hospitality, is better known for its spectacular mountainous regions.


The shining star of Croatia's tourist industry is its long coastline that stretches thousands of kilometers and is indented with rocky cliffs, peninsulas and small inlets. The country also boasts of its scenic beauty, lush vegetation, rolling hills, hilltop towns, Mediterranean climate,


A country at the political heart of Europe, France is a key player on the world stage. Whether its gastronomic greatness, artistic endeavour or cultural cachet France sits right


Germany has emerged as a strong European nation and has significantly contributed to its economic, political and cultural growth. The country has seen a huge turmoil including the impact of two World Wars


Greece is one of the favourite tourist destinations of the world. It offers a rich history, beautiful towns and villages, great weather, thousands of beaches, and more.


Hungary has a complex sense of identity. Its mosaic of cultures and lineage can be explained by the fact that it shares its borders with seven neighboring countries. It was originally inhabited by the Magyars, an equestrian nomadic tribe.


Comprising of some of the most stunning natural landscapes on earth like the Dolomite Mountains, Italy is often described as a country shaped like a boot. This land of vibrant, expressive people has given the world pasta and pizza


Hidden away from the world's view for over half a century by the Soviet occupation, Latvia is one of the most dynamic countries of Europe with exciting possibilities.


With only 62 miles of Baltic coastline, and surrounded by Latvia, Belarus, Poland and part of the Russian Federation, Lithuania offers a wide variety of offerings to visitors, including a rich panoply of castles,


For many people Netherlands calls upon an image of tulips, cheese and windmills. These associations are not exactly wrong; tulip bulbs and cheese are indeed two important Dutch export products, and


Alpine mountains, wide beaches, clean lakes, deep forests, world-class historic monuments, and friendly people - you can find almost everything in Poland. Its greatest attraction is its breathtaking natural landscape. The climate is temperate, and the people warm and hospitable.


Often overshadowed by its much larger eastern neighbor Spain, Portugal is known as an unspoilt tourism jewel on the European map.


Romania is slowly emerging from the effects of being one of the most repressed countries under communism and having suffered the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu whose rule left the country in the depths of poverty.


Formerly a part of Yugoslavia, and then later Union of Serbia and Montenegro, Serbia finally became an independent nation in 2006.


Widely known for Flamenco music and dance, bull-fights, fantastic beaches, rich monumental heritage and dazzling natural environment, Spain has much


The very name of Switzerland conjures up images of chocolates, cheese, watches, bankers and snow-capped mountains. With forested hills, fairytale castles, Renaissance cathedrals, shimmering lakes it's easy to see why Switzerland has been one of the world's top tourist destinations for the past two centuries.


Ukraine is a diverse country with landscapes ranging from the magnificent Carpathian Mountains in the west to the central plains to the dazzling view of Black Sea in the south. One of the main attractions for visitors is the country's rich history and cultural heritage.

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